North Tonawnada Mayor Art Pappas Commends DPW on Paving

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Paving underway in North Tonawanda.


Mayor Pappas visited Ridge Road behind the high school this week and spent time with workers from the Department of Public Works.

“The Department of Public Works has done a great job milling and paving the roads of North Tonawanda,” said Mayor Pappas. “Thank you to DPW Superintendent Mark Zellner, DPW Assistant Superintendent Joe Aiello, and the rest of the DPW workers for their continuous hard work and effort year around.”





  1. Good job doing your job that you get paid for. Do you think he congratulated them because the did such a poor job in the past?

  2. William J VanDewater Jr says:

    Night want to spell check the headline

  3. No he congratulated them in public to get some free press with some of his Repub political lackies who work for DPW. Photo op that’s all. DPW guys are typically hard workers but the mayor and council stick it to them behind the scenes. Matter of a convenient photoshoot for the Papi.

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