George Satarian Purchases La Hacienda Restaurant for $400,000

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Reported by Nicholas D. D’Angelo


The Niagara Reporter has learned that a contract has been signed and George Satarian has purchased La Hacienda Restaurant for $400,000.00.

The purchase price of $400,000.00 is less than the $1 million that was initially reported to have been asked for, but after multiple bids of less than $500,000.00 were submitted, Donato Evangelista tempered his expectations.

Once open, Mr. Satarian wishes to retain the previous staff.




  1. Valerie Evangelista says:

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but Donato Evangelista had absolutely nothing to do with the sale of LaHacienda.

  2. Lana wikobrado says:

    Sad to see the sale of the pizza ever.many happy times there.

  3. Who sold LaHacienda? That price is akin to being burglarized.
    Aldo was offered much,much more prior to his passing in cash. That’s not a rumor that’s a fact.
    So how did the Satarians get this steal at this price?

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